The shadow on the wall

It’s wonderful how seemingly insignificant things sometimes teach us something important be able.

That’s what happened to me on one quite cloudy day, on which I sat listless in a chair and just looked out the window. Not that I haven’t had a job had! But I couldn’t really make up my mind and stuff I decided to experiment: Where would it take me if I just sat here and looked out the window?

Never before was me noticed that the house I was staying in had this cast a shadow on the opposite wall of the house at the time of day. While I still looked at this shadow somewhat impassively, suddenly his contours sharpened. After a while the clear edges faded, only to close again sharpen. At the same time the dark gray of the shadow deepened, while it got flatter, brighter, and less interesting when the edges faded.

I saw for a while fascinated by this interplay, while the sun takes a break from one another cloud was obscured and at times threw a clear, bright light. I was quite absorbed by this spectacle and sometimes drew in Ponder the sharp outlines of the shadow.

An idea soon kicked in my consciousness, the way the contours of the shadow become clearer became recognizable:

IT’S THE SAME WITH OURS THOUGHTS! The fewer clouds cloud the sky of our consciousness and dim the clear light, the clearer and sharper become our thoughts, even more: the more they deepen and gain importance.

Diffuse refracted light only casts a flat shadow. Reinforces the Insolation, the outlines become sharper. Intensifies the light, things gain importance.

Only the clearly defined really occupies our attention and focuses our strength for a meaningful deed.

It was the ray of light of this realization, of this one day, which started so sullenly had made an unforgettable one, so today I’m following still remember it for almost thirty years.

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