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    Solo camping with dog

    Since I’ve been traveling with Mowgli – and that’s been quite a few years now – I’ve accumulated a number of experiences that I’d like to share with you. The unique situation on our trips is usually that I am solely responsible for my dog, which creates issues at some points that require a creative solution. On the journey When camping Ventures Health problems Conclusion On the journey There are dogs who are quite excited when they are allowed to ride in the car. Others can’t stand it. As for Mowgli, he is neither enthusiastic nor reluctant to jump on his doggy mattress in the car. He knows that we…

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    The Donkey Sanctuary

    Anyone traveling in South West England who loves animals shouldn’t miss a visit to the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon. As the name suggests, it is a haven for donkeys. This unique project was started exactly 50 years ago by a courageous woman named Dr. Elizabeth Svendsen launched.

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    An accident victim

    This contribution is difficult for me because it is the report of a defeat. It happened in Slovenia in the summer of 2019, somewhere between Triglav National Park and the Bled area. For hours I had climbed and descended countless hairpin bends in this beautiful landscape and was gradually exhausted and about to take a break. After another bend I saw a small parking bay on the right side and at the same time noticed something wriggling in the left corner of my eye. How lucky I was able to stop here!