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    An accident victim

    This contribution is difficult for me because it is the report of a defeat. It happened in Slovenia in the summer of 2019, somewhere between Triglav National Park and the Bled area. For hours I had climbed and descended countless hairpin bends in this beautiful landscape and was gradually exhausted and about to take a break. After another bend I saw a small parking bay on the right side and at the same time noticed something wriggling in the left corner of my eye. How lucky I was able to stop here!

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    I’m just a little dog…

    ... but I've experienced a lot. I am Polish by birth, born in 2014. My parents are unknown, but I am definitely a love child. There was probably an Australian Shepherd among my ancestors, possibly also a sheepdog. As a result, I have pronounced herding dog qualities that I can use well in my job. Some take me for a wolf, then I like to show my white paw.