November blues

The – somewhat cheerless – summer has passed, the harvest has come in so far and we have already arrived in November of this strange and memorable year. Depending on how you look at it, November is the month of the dead or the month in which decisive things often happen on a political level or the month in which life in nature retreats into the earth and gradually comes to rest.

As a strong wind sweeps the last yellowing leaves from the trees and the light fades, our lives shift inward. Like the leaves on our trees, old, useless and used up things that have had their life fall away from us. Soon all you can see is the skeleton of the trees against the now dimmed sky. The structure becomes visible and the essential is revealed.

It’s a good time to declutter our homes and keep only what is of value to us. It is also the time to shed what is still weighing on our soul, as we can now see the connections more easily. In this way we also recognize that what is deeply rooted remains.

As it is now getting colder and more uncomfortable, we can also see that the social climate is also cooling. We see people without faces and children whose laughter has stopped. The heart freezes.

A simple song accompanies me through the day and warms my soul, one of those songs that give courage… The cold on the outside becomes irrelevant when we feel the warmth of our heart.

And so I think we shouldn’t allow fear to block our common sense, but rather analyze the structure to understand better. And with everything we throw off, humanity and compassion should not be among them. Both must be preserved.

Life only retreats into the earth to prepare for renewal.

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