• Vegan

    heating soup

    A well-warmed body does not get sick so quickly. If you sit at a desk a lot, you may notice that the tip of your nose and your feet get cold. At the latest when your throat starts to scratch, you should take countermeasures. My suggestion today: try the heating soup! You need for this:

  • General

    home office

    Mowgli no longer travels. Mowgli stays at home with his boss. At least for now. While you feel like an amateur actor in a disaster film and are carefully dividing up the last toilet paper on earth, quite a few people are already standing in front of a pile of broken pieces or are trying to save what can be saved. Wherever possible, people now work from home, including Mowgli’s boss. So put on your sweatpants and get to your desk!

  • Vegan

    Green Applesauce

    In times like these, it is particularly important to stay fit and healthy. But it’s just as important to stay in a good mood. So today I have a recipe for you that I “invented” when I was feeling down and drained. I didn’t even like pasta anymore, neither did chocolate… An unmistakable sign of illness! My body was craving something fresh and that’s how the “Green Applesauce” was born:

  • Travel

    Road trip Slovenia – Italy

    3242 kilometers! In the summer of 2019 I am turning my back on the Ruhr area. What a feeling! After a year of hard work, leave all the commitments behind and hit the first song on the travel playlist. “Trailers for sale or rent, rooms to let, fifty cents…” comes the soft voice of Dean Martin from the loudspeaker. I belt out “King of the road!” as loud as I can. and whizzing down the A3 towards the south. I won’t be back home until a good three weeks later after a long tour of five European countries.