about us

Close friends…

are we, Astrid and Mowgli, with a penchant for shared adventures. I studied music and am now studying life. Of course I like to travel and I love discovering new things. I like to think and write about it. I also love good music, books and vegan food… Mowgli is a street dog and school dropout. He is loyal to his boss but also has his own opinion. He loves dog biscuits, his couch and long walks… Here he introduces himself.

Our story together began in 2015 when I adopted Mowgli from an animal welfare organization. As often as possible, he accompanies me everywhere, including on my travels, of course. Anyone who travels with a dog knows that it is not always easy. That’s how the idea came up to go camping, preferably directly in a campervan. You can read about how this idea developed here . We’ve gotten around quite a bit since then. We travel in a Kangoo, which I converted into a mini camper with simple means and inexpensively. You can learn more about the Mowglimobile here .

About this blog

If you are interested in the concept of the Mowglimobile and our journeys, you’ve come to the right place. You will also find some practical tips and useful links here, as well as interactive maps.

But it’s not just about that. Rather, I would like to let you participate a little in my life’s journey. This also includes my normal life at home, my ideas, reflections, routines… If one or the other inspires you, I’m happy. let me know if you like

It is important to me to lead a free, responsible and peaceful life. This also includes the question of how I behave towards other living beings. Animal ethics takes up a lot of space, which is why you will find a number of articles on it, especially under the “Vegan” and “Animals” categories.

I also enjoy good and useful products. That’s why you’ll also find product recommendations and links to selected companies here.

I hope you enjoy your journey through my blog!