The colorful diversity of vegan nutrition

When I decided over 30 years ago to never eat animal meat again and to turn my back on the standard combination of potatoes and meat as a side dish, it was also the beginning of an exciting and instructive journey of discovery. Lots of questions, new insights – yes, and also endless discussions, which often culminated in the claim that people had (only) eaten meat since the Stone Age. Well, it’s been so long that I can’t remember… 🙂

I’m sure there are many people like me who are starting to deal with this topic. You may come from different directions, but then you quickly get to the point of thinking about the nutritional values and effects of the food, maybe even looking at the back of the packaging in the supermarket and studying the ingredients, especially when you want to eat not only vegetarian, but also vegan.

But what initially looks like a restriction is in fact the gateway to an incredibly rich world of healthy foods with a wide range of imaginative combinations.

Dietitian Patricia Hauser, whom I would like to introduce to you today in a guest article, is the person who is following this path in a particularly profound and inspiring way. Who doesn’t have a mouth watering at the sight of their wonderful creations!

My way and my love for vegan recipes (for purely plant-based nutrition)

By Patricia Hauser

I love vegan and gluten-free recipes, my own creations taste delicious – not only for me, but also for many other people. The way there was a very special one.

At the beginning of 2015, I (I was a vegetarian at the time) suddenly had to switch to vegan and gluten-free (as a 3-month diet) due to a medical diagnosis. It was pure horror for me. No beloved cheese bread (with thick butter and cheese), no casseroles (with cream and cheese) and no pizza. I felt like I was in withdrawal even though I had never done one before…

However, my health changed after the first meal. I went through this change with discipline for three months and counted the days until I was finally allowed to go again.

The phase after the diet, in which I then ate organic cheese again, albeit lactose-free, was very short, however, because I dealt with the ethical side and then I no longer had an appetite for animal products.

The grandiose health experiences I had as a result of the change in diet prompted me to take action and switch my cooking events, which had already been converted to organic food, to vegan, i.e. purely plant-based. I only use gluten in very few exceptional cases – almost all recipes are gluten-free, including cakes and pastries.

Being authentic is important to me. I can’t cook vegetarian and completely gluten-free and then not taste it – it doesn’t go together. I inspire (t)e with my everyday, quick recipes that are easy to prepare and belong to the light kitchen, but also very filling.

“The eye eats with you”, this motto plays a major role in the preparation of dishes. In all the many years, now 18 since the start of the business, I have inspired thousands of people with these delicious recipes, including many who suffer from allergies.

I don’t see the vegan and gluten-free diet as a sacrifice. I used to be a cheese junkie. If I had been offered 1 million euros at the time to switch to a purely plant-based product, I would have declined with thanks. As a vegetarian, I couldn’t imagine that at all. I see the main focus of my work in supporting people in changing their diet to a plant-based and possibly gluten-free diet, for example because they have been diagnosed by a doctor with food allergies or one or more intolerances and now have no idea what they are cooking up and should eat. In the meantime, I am switching my business from offline to online. Consultation appointments are now also possible online. Programs and 1:1 mentoring will follow shortly. Would you like to learn more about me and my delicious recipes? Then feel free to contact me on Instagram at cookingpatricia or send me an email to .

Patricia Hauser
Lecturer for cooking events and educational leave
Vegan food lover and expert

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