Vegan dog food

Anyone who knows about the horrors in the meat processing industry and has drawn their conclusions from it may also ask themselves: Is it possible to feed my dog vegetarian/vegan? Clear answer: Yes! With the right knowledge, of course.

For example, in James A. Peden’s 1999 book, “Vegetarian Dog and Cat Nutrition” (ISBN 3-926914-40-8), the subject is dealt with in great detail. The author has been dealing with this issue since the 1980s and, in addition to the ethical discussion, also provides information on the nutrients required by the animals and on the preparation of the feed.

If you search the web, you will find a wealth of additional material on this subject. Opinions are divided among veterinarians and there are competent representatives in both the pro and contra camps, so I don’t want to start a discussion at this point.

So, since it’s possible to feed dogs a vegetarian diet and there’s a lot to suggest that this diet is not only ethical but also healthy, I’ve been offering vegan food to my plush friend Mowgli for quite a while now. The transition was pretty much smooth, he is doing well and has also gotten rid of some parasitic digestive problems that he carried with him as a street dog. He was allowed to choose from the common vegan dog food types (in several “test series”) that he liked and liked best. In the end we stuck with Vegdog. In addition to food, you will also find a wealth of valuable information on the Vegdog site. Just have a look!