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I’m just a little dog…

… but I’ve experienced a lot.

I am native Poland, born in 2014. My parents are unknown, but for sure I am a child of love Probably was an Australian Shepherd among my ancestors, possibly also a German shepherd. As a result, I have pronounced herding dog qualities that I can use in my job. Some take me for one Wolf, then I like to show my white paw.

my upbringing

My first Year of life I first on the street and then in a huge Animal shelter in Pomerania. I came from there in 2015 Germany.

When I was adopted by my boss, I wasn’t housebroken, but I was well versed in cleaning out garbage cans and finding food on the street. I understood almost immediately that our apartment is not a dog toilet when my boss urged me to do so. I don’t need to go to containers anymore either – I’m proudly powered by vegan dog food. With the occasional exception…

But I like cats, rabbits and squirrels “to eat”. I drop everything for that. Cats especially make me crazy. That’s why I’m usually on a leash, which I also understand, because my boss doesn’t want me to get under the car or in front of a shotgun. But sometimes it itches in the paws… All attempts by my boss to make me “available” have failed. I saw through their tricks straight away and just don’t listen anymore. But when it comes down to it, I can “heel” perfectly.

my qualifications

I have a pretty good sense of direction. Once we were in Poland I was allowed to walk without a leash. Everywhere smelled so good and I ran here and there – wherever I was drawn. My boss calling got quieter and quieter… You could see her facial expression should see when I was already waiting for them in front of the holiday home!

Another time we were in the forest. Of course, my boss had forgotten where our Mowglimobile was. She then wanted to go by feel, but I was convinced that we had to go in the other direction. I had to do quite a lot of convincing to finally believe me. People can be so stubborn! And how did the story end? The boss finally gave in and followed me and … tadaa! There was the parking lot! Don’t you think? But is true!

When I’m straight not working, I’m on standby. I prefer to doze off my couch. But I’m not a couch potato, I’m just that easy-care.

But sometimes I have to remind my boss about our contract, namely when she is working at her desk and has forgotten the time. I have my tricks to get her to finally take me for a walk. Whatever works well: putting my paw on the keyboard or nudging my writing hand away with my snout. It’s also good to stare obtrusively until the boss becomes uncomfortable.

One of my tasks specified in the contract is to take good care of my boss. And I take that very seriously!

My travel experience

And as far as travel is concerned: I’ve gotten around quite a bit. I’ve been to England a couple of times, then Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Italy and some areas in Germany. I’ve even been to the Zugspitze! And I still have so much to do…

Traveling wasn’t that much fun in our old car, but I love our Mowglimobile!

I don’t want to show off, but maybe I should mention that my boss me because of my travel experience and brave perseverance on our last expedition in 2019 the title “Sir Globetrotter”.

i am only one little dog and of course I know dogs don’t talk be able. My boss understands me anyway. Usually.

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